Wisconsin teen girl drinks, gets shot in head at party by friend, survives

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bullets 152220578_436da43c08.jpg
Photo: longhorndave
Bringing new meaning to the term "get loaded," a Wisconsin teenager survived getting shot in the head by a friend -- that's right, a friend -- at an underage drinking party the other night in Waukesha.

Adding to the insanity of that particular concept: She was shot with a shotgun that was loaded with a bullet rather than a shotgun cartridge, Waukesha Police spokesman Captain Dennis Angle told radio station WTMJ.

"Because the projectile doesn't fit the barrel perfectly, it would bounce around inside the barrel prior to leaving the firearm," Angle told the station. "When it does that, it loses a lot of velocity, and although it is incredibly dangerous and incredibly deadly, in this circumstance, it wasn't."

Not that you'd want to test the concept at home -- unless, of course, you're a Wisconsin teenager illegally consuming adult beverages and you think a guy pointing a gun at your head is your friend.

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