Carrie Feldman, animal rights activist, released from Iowa prison

Categories: Animal Rights

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Image courtesy of e3000 on Flickr
The Minneapolis native was jailed in November because she wouldn't testify about a break-in at an animal lab at the University of Iowa. Now she's out.

Feldman refused to appear before a grand jury, which was looking into the Animal Liberation Front's raid on the lab.

The group released rats and mice and caused $450,000 of damage. A judge signed an order Thursday to release the 20-year-old activist after her testimony was no longer considered necessary, according to the Strib. Here's more:

Five years later, authorities subpoenaed Feldman and her former boyfriend, Scott DeMuth, 22, also of Minneapolis. Both were jailed for refusing to testify, and a grand jury later indicted DeMuth for animal enterprise terrorism. Feldman, who was 15 at the time of the break-in, said she knows nothing about what happened. DeMuth says he's innocent.

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