Cornell Deangelo Roberson surrenders to police in Route 22 bus shooting

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cornell deangelo roberson mug sq.jpg
Cornell Deangelo Roberson
The day after Metro Transit cops put word on the street that they suspected 18-year-old Cornell Deangelo Roberson as the gunman in a shooting spree aboard a Route 22 bus two months ago, he turned himself in.

On the night of Feb. 27, a Sunday, the bus was headed north on Humboldt Avenue at 48th Avenue with about a dozen riders aboard when shots rang out. Two boys were later rushed to North Memorial Medical Center, injured by the gunfire but now recovering.

The shootings capped a tragic weekend on the city's north side. Seventeen-year-old Alisha Neely was gunned down while hanging out at a house party near 35th Avenue N. and Humbolt Avenue the day before, making her the city's 10th homicide victim. Mourners gathered the the following day at the site of her shooting were forced to scatter a more gunshots rang out.

Transit Police Chief Dave Indrehus said Roberson came forward to Wednesday afternoon. He's being held at the Hennepin County Jail awaiting charges.

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