Dustin Nelson puts on kilt, gets drunk, breaks into store and takes nap

dustin nelson sq.jpg
Dustin Nelson
When Racine cops found Dustin Nelson on Saturday night, on the floor of a downtown store, napping, they told the 24-year-old Plymouth, Minn., man to show them his hands.

He did -- by flipping them the bird.

According to the cops, Nelson -- all 6 feet 5 inches of him -- was clad in a kilt and clearly intoxicated that night. They found him after a passerby called police to report seeing the man smash the front window of the store and enter the building.

From the Journal Times:

Officer Michael Ditscheit then placed the man in handcuffs. They reported the man was "very intoxicated." He could not answer their questions about what he was doing there or what happened. The summary of the report simply stated "subject broke into store to take a nap."

Nelson's been charged with misdemeanor criminal damage to property.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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