First Avenue traffic jam mayhem caused by two tow trucks

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Photo by Jay Tappe
​More evidence that downtown Minneapolis two-way streets continue to piss off drivers: First Avenue was hamstrung this afternoon by tow trucks hauling off two huge SUVs that were parked over the white line on both sides of the same street directly across from one another. The maneuver blocked traffic for 20 minutes and the line of cars went back more than eight blocks.

Photo by Jay Tappe
​"People were pissed. What if someone was life or death and an ambulance had to get through? One minute is life or death and if that one minute killed that person, the city of Minneapolis would be liable," bystander Jay Tappe said. "I think the city should repeal the parking laws and refund everyone's money, absolutely. $140 for a tow and a $42 ticket? Ridiculous."

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