Ivan Tencate used coffee shop WiFi to put kiddie porn on Internet, FBI says

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Photo: Nicolas Nova/Flickr
Ivan Wayne Tencate, a 47-year-old Minneapolis man, has been charged with possessing, transporting, and distributing child pornography on the Internet after being arrested by the FBI at a Minneapolis coffee shop.

In a statement, the FBI said its investigators made contact with someone using the screen name "iten10," traced the computer through its IP address to a coffee shop with free WiFi on 3rd Avenue South in Minneapolis, and arrested Tencate there on Thursday.

In another kiddie porn case, the FBI said Shane Allen Werlein, 40, of Stillwater, was indicted on Thursday, accused of knowingly possessing visual depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct. The FBI said seven videos on Werlein's computer were recovered.

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