Jon Gurban, Minneapolis parks superintendent, won't seek contract extension

Jon Gurban, Minneapolis Park and Recreation superintendent, will end his contact June 30 as planned, but he won't be gone from the Park and Recreation Board just yet.

The Board voted last month not to renew Gurban's contract after its June 30, 2010 expiration. Gurban has been a controversial figure in the Minneapolis parks since his hiring in 2003. He was hired by the board on a 5-4 vote after not applying for the job. He has since caused tension between park advocates and staff members for his trouble dealing with public criticism and handling controversial projects.

Check out the City Pages feature story about Gurban's tenure here.

Board President Jon Erwin was considering a plan to keep Gurban on as interim superintendent until the board completed the formal search and hiring process of his replacement. Gurban submitted a letter to the Board last week saying he will not seek a contract extension.

The Board is considering an option to keep Gurban on as a consultant for the next year and hire former superintendent David Fisher as the interim replacement until the search is complete. Fisher served as superintendent from 1981 to 1999.

Both items are on tonight's Park Board agenda. Read Gurban's letter and consultant contract here. The proposal to hire Fisher can be found here.

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