Kenneth Bultman used homework time to tell student how to spice up his sex life, cops say

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Photo: rainerebert/Flickr
Did Berlin, Wis., High School teacher Kenneth Bultman really insist that a male student come to his classroom to do homework, and then offer him tips on how to spice up his sex life with a female student? Maybe we'll find out in court, because that's where Bultman's headed to face felony charges.

According to The Northwestern, Bultman resigned from the job he held for 11 years after the student reported the December 2009 encounter to authorities.

Bultman asked the boy about his sexual activity with a female student and offered to give him sexual advice including "new moves to spice things up a bit," the complaint said.

The 45-year-old man was charged last week, and ordered by the judge to stay steer clear of teenagers. A conviction could mean four years and three months in prison.

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