Liz Neuman died of multisystem organ failure following James Ray sweat lodge ceremony

James Arthur Ray told his "spiritual warrior" clients that they might feel like they were going to die in an Arizona sweat lodge ceremony on Oct. 8. Three of them did.

One of them, Liz Neuman, of Prior Lake, succumbed nine days after the ceremony. The other two, Kirby Brown of New York and James Shore of Wisconsin, died in front of their fellow warriors.

On Tuesday, a coroner's report said Neuman died of "multisystem organ failure due to hyperthermia due to prolonged sweat lodge exposure."

The heavily redacted autopsy report, one of three ordered released by Yavapai County Superior Court Judge Warren Darrow on Tuesday, marked the first official declaration of what caused the deaths.

Ray, a once high-flying self-help guru, has been charged with manslaughter. He's fighting the charges. His trial starts Aug. 31.

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