Naked man Tasered on I-35 was screaming about god and the devil

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Photo via wetwebwork/Flickr
We don't know his name yet. But we know what he did last Thursday night in Forest Lake: Ran naked into traffic at the I-35W-I-35E split, banging on car hoods, pounding on windows.

"Acting crazy," one witness told Sgt. Rick Peterson.

"He yelled how he had killed God, how he was God, that he was the devil. He begged for officers to shoot him and said he had the code to heaven," Peterson the Pioneer Press.

The cops shot him with a Taser instead. They cuffed him, too, but he kept right on yelling. Finally an ambulance came and they packed him off to Regions Hospital in St. Paul for a 72-hour mental health hold.

Drugs may have been involved, Peterson said.

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