Natasha Dahn prompted attack on mentally disabled Justin Hamilton; she's pulled extra 8 years in prison

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Two years ago, 17-year old Natasha Dahn told friends that she had been abused by a 24-year-old mentally disabled man named Justin Hamilton. Their revenge -- or what they though was revenge -- was pitiless, according to police.

For two days in a row, four guys lured Hamilton from his Lakeville home, drove him to a remote corner of Dakota County, and beat him for hours. Only later did they learn that Hamilton never had harmed the teenager.

The four are behind bars now: Jonathan Michael Diepold, 22, of Northfield; John Maxwell Maniglia, 21, of Northfield; Glen Richard Ries, 34, of Northfield; and Timothy John Ketterling, 23, of Prior Lake.

Dahn pulled 90 days in a juvenile correctional facility for her role in Hamilton's torture. But from the sounds of this story in the Pioneer Press, her future's looking darker:

She failed to follow the program's rules. Dahn admitted Monday in court that she threatened the program's staff, her peers and the victim by using intimidation, manipulation and sexual threats, County Attorney James Backstrom said.

"She acknowledged that her behavior was inappropriate," he said. "She actually, herself, told the judge that she agreed with the adult court sanctions that were being imposed."

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