Peter Rickmyer, Level 3 sex offender, on this week's cover

This week's cover story is a very strange one indeed. Peter Rickmyer is a Level 3 sex offender who has a history of spanking children for sexual gratification. Now he has found a way to use the courts to lash out at his neighbors. Rickmyer has filed restraining orders against his enemies several times in the past, but his newest suit is a smorgasbord of accusations:

The latest twist came last month, when he filed a rambling, 94-page accusation against the Jordan Area Community Council, the police inspector for the Fourth Precinct, and John Hoff, also known as Johnny Northside, who has been blogging about the saga.

Rickmyer alleges defamation, intentional interference with contracts, discrimination, harassment, loss of liberty, loss of free speech, and trespassing.

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