Spring hiking? Unleashed dog will cost you $65 in Three Rivers parks

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Rennet Stowe happy dog.jpg
Image courtesy of Rennett Stowe on Flickr

Spring is springing, and with it comes the urge to get outside ... just as soon as it stops raining. But be sure to keep your dog leashed up--or you'll be fined $65.

Three Rivers Park District, which runs several fabulous parks in the suburbs, is now ticketing people who either don't have their dogs on a leash, or who have a leash that is too long (more than six feet). Last year, the parks district opened more trails to doggies, but required that they stay on paved trails only. Tickets will also be issued to people who take their dogs on turf trails rather than paved ones, according to the Strib.

Good to know.

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