The Minnesota Daily calls out Minneapolis police on lax investigation

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A Minneapolis police investigation into a string of possibly related crimes that spilled onto the University of Minnesota campus earlier this year has been lax at best, according to a watchdog piece in The Minnesota Daily today.

In the story, Daily reporters James Nord and Luke Feuerherm point to a series of late-January robberies across south and southeast Minneapolis that seem to have a lot in common. Police acknowledged at a later press conference that they believed the two suspects in custody had been on a crime tear through the city that night.

The next day, when the Daily contacted Minneapolis police spokesman Sgt. Jesse Garcia, he said the victims couldn't pick the suspects out of a lineup.

The Daily has since interviewed every victim. Apparently, they had a different take:

However, when contacted by The Minnesota Daily this week, more than a month after the original crimes, every victim from the five south Minneapolis robberies said they had not been shown a lineup by police, and one had received a letter indicating his investigation was suspended.

"I feel with a little more effort they certainly could have probably brought resolution to both of the cases," said Dale Longtin, a victim in one of the crimes. "But it doesn't sound like they're real interested in looking into it any deeper."

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