Tim Pawlenty comments on bondage strip club

Categories: T-Paw

The party of family values got caught red-faced this week when conservative news site The Daily Caller broke the story that a GOP operative tried to pass off patronage at a Los Angeles bondage strip club as a meal line item in her expense report.

Righteous indignation followed (naturally). The Republican National Committee fired the woman. There were rumors, later shot down, that GOP chairman Michael Steele had been at the club. Jay Leno mined the headline for humor when Karl Rove appeared on "The Tonight Show" last night.

Here's Tim Pawlenty's reaction last night on NBC (hat tip Strib):

"This situation in California is just an boneheaded situation. Somebody made an awful judgment. It doesn't look like chairman Steele had any knowledge, involvement or awareness of it. He did the right thing in firing the person who was responsible," he said.

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