Troy Alan Reinke, accused of poaching would-be record buck, gets jail time

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dnr fred deer rack.jpg
A DNR officer holds Fred's rack
Troy Alan Reinke, the Cannon Falls man accused of poaching what would have been a world-record buck, has pleaded guilty to three charges today and will serve 245 days in jail. His hunting privileges have also been revoked for five years.

Reinke originally boasted about slaying the massive buck -- a legendary animal known to Goodhue County hunters as "Fred" -- with a bow-and-arrow last Halloween. Then the DNR discovered Fred had actually been gunned down illegally, and Reinke told authorities that it was dead when he found it.

In January, he pleaded not guilty in Goodhue County court to 16 charges related to killing the buck. His defense then was a request for the courts to test his hunting clothes for gun residue. They would not find any, his attorney said, and that would prove his innocence.

Reinke still maintains that he did not kill the buck, but pleaded guilty earlier today to illegally possessing it, a gross misdemeanor. He also admitted to not registering two other deer he killed last fall.

On top of the jail time, Reinke must also pay $1,500 in restitution. But perhaps most painful for the hunter is that he loses all bragging rights to being the one who finally bagged the elusive Fred.

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