Bloomington gangbanger drive-by yields 5 arrests

Categories: Crime
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PhotoTony Webster
At least six shots were fired at a group of people standing outside a house on the 8000 block of Portland Avenue South in Bloomington last night. No one was injured, but bullets struck the house and two vehicles in the driveway. Bloomington police spokesman Mark Stehlic says shortly after the 10:30 shooting police stopped a car and arrested five people in connection with the incident. They also recovered a 22-caliber rifle that matches the size of casings recovered at the scene.

"This was not a random shooting," Stehlic says. The targets in the shooting are associated with the Surenos 13 gang. The men arrested in connection with the shooting are thought to be connected to the Vatos Locos gang. Four of the men arrested are juveniles. The fifth is Alberto Ortiz-Sandoval, age 25.

A similar drive-by shooting took place at the same address last fall. As in this case, no one was injured.

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