Eden Prairie High School web site hacked in global attack

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eden prairie hs site hack.jpg
By crazed Turkish radicals? Seriously? Maybe. The site was shuttered on Sunday after hackers attacked, posting a video, a picture of the Turkish flag and a handgun.

KARE made a of screen grab of the school's homepage before it was taken down. Translated, it said "Hacked by Silent Assault" and "---- You isRAel."

The site was taken offline on Sunday, and it's still down this morning. According to a message on the Eden Prairie Schools main Web site:

This viral hacking took place on over 100 different websites across the world -- one of which was the EPHS website. The hackers did not get any access to data nor did they affect our servers or any of our systems. It resulted in a webpage that was created by a person or organization being posted on top of a number of different websites.

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