Eric Christianson admits he stole the veggies and chocolate peanuts

Categories: Weird Wisconsin

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Photo: benzado
When parents tell their kids to make sure they get enough vegetables, 23-year-old Eric Christianson, of La Crosse, probably isn't the kind of role model they want to look at for inspiration.

The LaCrosse Tribune reports that Christianson has "confessed to stealing chocolate peanuts, mango and mandarin soda, burritos, chicken tenders, a gallon of ranch dressing, one bag of shredded cheese, a cauliflower, broccoli and salad mix" from a former employer whom he claims owes him $1,000 in back pay.

Along with being charged with burglary and theft of the Jolivette Family Farms in West Salem, Wis., he's accused of jumping bail and committing a new crime while on bond.
The former employee claimed the business owed him $1,000 in back pay, the complaint stated.

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