Jared Allen's mullet-generating iPhone app released

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Upload an image of yourself to Vikings defensive end Jared Allen's new iPhone app and it gives you your own mullet, "if you're not cool enough to have a real one," he says on his web site. "Send it off to all your friends. You'll get the idea of how cool you can really look."

Anyone downloaded this thing? Anyone tried it out?

Here's how Allen describes it:

"This is my official iPhone app that took Rock Software forever to make but it actually looks worth the wait. My app contains everything that I think you need to help you understand how to live the best life (my life):
  • History of all American flags. There's been more than one flag, so be a real American and learn all of them.
  • Mullet Generator - if you're not cool enough to have a real one, add one to your own pic and send it off to all your friends. You'll get the idea of how cool you can really look.
  • Pictures of me hunting and playing football (body slamming quarterbacks).
  • Pictures of the mullet mullitia - if you have a sweet picture of yourself rocking a mullet - email it to jared@rocksoftware.com and if it's cool enough - I'll make sure to put it on the app.
  • Ask me questions and I'll try to get back to you - just make sure they aren't dumb.
  • Twitter app to use to tweet. I don't know what this means but Rock Software said it would cool. I don't use tweeter yet.
  • The Lodge info - check out my restaurant when you're in Arizona. The Bleu Cheese & Bacon burger is the BOMB!!
  • Check out my favorite songs and apps. Real music right there.
  • Tips for you amateur hunters.
  • Sound bites that you can ONLY use to crank call or if you're at the library.
  • I got some other stuff on here too for you to check out, including videos and our football schedule w/ scores and all that stuff.

Enjoy it - I will make sure it remains FREE for all you fans."

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