John Butcher smelled sweet aroma of Twins Toker's red pepper bong

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Yes, that man is smoking weed out of a bong whittled from a red pepper.
Yesterday we brought you the story of the dude who whittled a bong out of a red pepper because he wanted to be the first to smoke ganja at the new Twins field.

We've got a standing invitation to the Twins Toker himself for a one-on-one pow-wow, but David Brauer has the next best thing: a nose-witness account.

John Butcher was sitting in Section 1 with the Twins Toker and vouches for the version of events on CNN by a fellow fan who snitched to security (putting to rest speculation that this incident was a hoax). High-lariously, security let the veggie toker off with just a warning.

"I can verify he said he was going to be the first one to smoke pot at Target Field."

John says he "definitely" smelled pot.

"Security didn't do anything."

Well, that's not entirely true: The guards made him ditch the MacGyver Bong, but let him enjoy the rest of the game -- and Target Field's concessions -- in peace.

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