L.C. Wesley Armstrong surrenders after K-9 stabbing

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Courtesy MPD
Shadow was stabbed last week
L.C. Wesley Armstrong is behind bars at the Anoka County jail this morning ahead of a court appearance after surrendering to cops over the weekend, KSTP reports.

Sixteen different law enforcement agencies were eventually involved in chasing down the 26-year-old, who sped away with a woman passenger, Andrea Bushey, after being stopped by police for a suspected DUI. His car was brought to a halt by the State Patrol, but he and the woman bailed out. She was quickly caught, but he got away.

A Minneapolis police dog, Shadow, was stabbed when he was sent into the woods to flush out Armstrong. The dog is recovering, but it's not clear whether he will return to service.

Charges were filed against Armstrong last Thursday. In the criminal complaint, Bushey described Armstrong as a man desperate not to go back to jail.

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