Moose Lake pet hoarder lived in 'toxic' home with 29 cats

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cat in shadows 2514183741_8c7850b460.jpg
Photo: sneakerdog/Flickr
"The air was absolutely toxic," Mike Licari, executive director of the Carlton County Friends of Animals, told the Duluth News Tribune. There were "more dead cats than live ones" in the house, he said, and some had been cannibalizing the bodies of six dead cats.

Four dogs were living in the home, as well. In the end, none of the cats could be saved, but the dogs are recovering.

Licari said his group was called in April 13 by a Carlton County social services worker who had gone to the home to help transition an elderly man to a nursing home. He found the home "chest-deep in garbage and cat feces, and there was no running water or working appliances."

Wan to give one of the dogs a decent home? Go to or call (218) 879-1655.

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