91-year-old Gloria Fuchs wants payback after mugging

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Who would punch a 91-year-old woman in the face?
We haven't met 91-year-old Gloria Fuchs. And we're truly sorry to hear the news that she got mugged on Tuesday by some two-bit coward on Blair Avenue in St. Paul.

We also like her attitude: If the cops ever find the punk who slugged her in the face and ripped off her purse, she wants payback.

"I would like somebody to punch him in the face like he did to me," she told KSTP.

"Somebody out there will know who is responsible for this," St. Paul Police Sgt. Paul Schnell told the station. "We certainly hope whoever finds out about this is stand-up enough to call the police."

Here's that number: 651-291-1111

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