Como Zoo cougar attacks 2-year-old after dad lifts him over barrier

Photo by tsuacctnt
There's something really touching about the dad who thinks it's a good idea to lift his son over a zoo barrier to take a nice picture of him in a large cat exhibit. Breaking safety rules for that Kodak moment. And then the cougar behind the child attacks.

A 2-year-old boy was allegedly scratched after a Como Zoo cougar grabbed the child who was over the zoo's safety barrier. The cougar was able to reach through the second set of fencing to get the boy.

By the time zoo staff arrived, the boy and adult were gone. Police were concerned about the boy's health and wanted to make sure he was treated for his injuries. Witnesses said the boy had puncture and scratch wounds.

UPDATE: Police identified the child and man involved in the incident. The dad of the 2-year-old boy showed investigators documentation that his son was seen for treatment of his injuries on Saturday. Doctors determined he only had superficial injuries that didn't require stitches. The case could lead to child maltreatment/endangerment charges.

Watch the KARE11 video report below.

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