Lily's bear-cam cub, Hope, is missing and feared dead

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lily black bear sq.jpg
Photo via Lily The Black Bear/Facebook
Lily gave birth in January before a live Internet audience
Hope, the cub born to Lily the black bear while millions of viewers watched live via online video, hasn't been seen since since Friday. She's feared dead, say researchers at the North American Bear Center in Ely.

"No word, nothing yet," Lynn Rogers told the Duluth News Tribune. "There are 97,000 Facebook fans of Lily and Hope feeling really bad right now."

Lily's been cruising the woods looking for the cub -- and some relief for her very full breasts -- but recent torrential rains in Ely area have be making it hard for the mother to pick up the cub's scent.

So many people tried to access the bear cam during the January birth that the Bear Center's servers crashed.

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