Don Shelby plans WCCO retirement announcement

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If you think local TV news ought to be delivered by someone who projects knowledge, wisdom and compassion without being framed by a swirling background screen of primary colors, a never-ending crawler and melodramatic music, then you're going to miss Don Shelby.

If you think a nightly news anchor ought to do all these things and shine shoes for folks from time to time while the camera rolls, then you're really going to miss Don Shelby.

Sadly, WCCO's living broadcast legend is scheduled to announce his retirement plans in a -- what else? -- news conference tomorrow. He's been with the station since 1978, and during his time has won a slew of national and regional awards -- Peabodys, Emmys and the like -- and he was also inducted into the Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame in October 2007.

Shelby also retired from his daytime radio gig at WCCO-AM earlier this year.

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Bring back a Dave Moore type news guy. Somebody with pizzazz. Don Shelby reminds me of a little man on a wedding cake. Mediocre worm.

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