Fox 9 acknowledges Robyne Robinson is considering Entenza Lt. Guv offer [VIDEO]

Categories: Media, Politics

Fox 9 acknowledged that departing anchor Robyne Robinson is considering an offer to be the running mate of gubernatorial candidate Matt Entenza during tonight's 9 p.m. broadcast.

Co-anchor Jeff Passolt referenced Robinson's unique position during a story about Entenza Press Secretary Bridget Cusick leaving the campaign. Although not mentioned by name, City Pages' report tonight was clearly prominent on Passolt's mind.

Robinson herself did not comment, other than an off-screen acknowledgment of Passolt's quip.

"You're just full of surprises," jokes Passolt.

"Aren't I?" mutters Robinson off-screen.
During the 5 p.m. broadcast, Robinson did not acknowledge her potential new role in politics, even during a story about potential rival candidates Margaret Anderson Kelliher and Mark Dayton selecting running mates.

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