Beant Singh Gill's big rig Wisconsin cop chase caught on video

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gill trucker screenshot.jpg
Screenshot via YouTube
Beant Singh Gill cut a swath of chaos through Wisconsin
Turns out the Wisconsin State Patrol was taping the crazy chase last week involving Canadian trucker Beant Singh Gill.

Gill's the guy with poor English skills the cops thought might have been transporting explosives, when in fact his truck was loaded with Monster energy drink. After he was arrested -- with the aid of an interpreter -- he said he'd lost his way driving from the Twin Cities to Canada.

When you watch the video of Gill's rig racing through Sparta, clipping a dump truck, jumping a median and forcing drivers to scatter like flies, you realize it's a miracle no one was hurt during the chase.

Here's the clip:

And follow this link to a clip of Gill, in a turban, getting out of the truck, realizing cops are shootig at him (with non-lethal rounds) and scampers back up into the driver's seat.

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