Jared Allen cuts the mullet to prove love indeed conquers all

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jared allen cuts mullet.jpg
He cleans up pretty good, don't you think?
Say it ain't so! And, if it is so, what's going to become of that nifty mullet-izer on his iPhone app. Yes, Jared Allen has cleaned up his act.

At least when it comes to his hair.

"The things men do for love," Allen said on the Minnesota Vikings team blog.

Indeed. This, after all, is a 6 feet 6 inch, 270-pound Pro-Bowl defensive end who  threatened to sack some idiot in an Arizona bar for calling his fiance a word that rhymes with "punt."

"I'll break your fucking neck homeboy," Allen says while TMZ video rolls. "And then I'll write a check to your fucking name too."

We trust he was more kind to his barber.

"The mullet isn't just a hairdo. It's definitely a lifestyle," he says in this video (below). "If I approach you from the front, it's like, wow, that dude is pretty serious. Then I walk away and you're like, damn, he likes to party. With two Rs."

Now that it's cut, does that mean he's a little more, um, one dimensional? (Kidding, Mr. Allen. KIDDING. Don't hurt us. Please.)

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