Ivan and Luba Lavrusik's suburban hooker biz busted

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Luba Lavrusik
Times are tough in the suburbs. Might as well start up a high-end call girl service.

That's what Ivan and Luba Lavrusik told police. Cops say Ivan handled the website advertising and kept the books and appointments. Luba, under the trade name "Katerina," saw clients the couple's bedroom while Ivan watched their 3-year-old child elsewhere in the house.

Now they're awaiting a June 7 Scott County court appearance after formal charges were filed on Friday. The cops moved in late last month after keeping tabs on the couple for months.

Ivan Lavrusik
A neighbor dropped a dime on the Lavrusiks after wondering about some odd comings and goings at their Shakopee town home, and then finding Luba's online ad.

It took a few months, but the pair was finally arrested after an undercover cop was able to score an appointment with "Katerina." While her husband hedged and dodged when questioned by the cops about the $182,000 cash in the couple's safe, along with guns and steroids they found in the home, Luba was straight up.

Yes, she told police, she turned tricks for cash.

And while you might logically think that someone running a suburban prostitution outfit would want to keep a low profile, it sounds like Ivan, an aspiring cop, was doing everything possible to call attention to himself. Since 2005 he's called Shakopee police about 80 times to complain about neighbors with loud mufflers and dogs running around without a leash.

It's not the Lavarusik's first brush with the law. According to the Shakopee Valley News, the pair were arrested last year in Las Vegas on prostitution charges.

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