Nice Ride Minnesota gets some bike sharing mojo

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Photo: 13 Of Clubs/Flickr
We are not on the fence when it comes to Twin Cities bicycling
Dear Street Films folks: What the heck do you mean, "surprising?"

"In a surprising choice, the May edition of Bicycling Magazine named Minneapolis America's best city for biking. The city still trails Portland, Oregon in the percentage of commuters who bike to work (4.3 percent to 5.9 percent, respectively, according to the most recent American Community Survey), but Minneapolis has been gaining momentum."

Yah. That's right. Momentum all year long up in the frozen-ass tundra.

Still, thanks for the cool video promoting our upcoming, kick-ass, bigger-than-anyone-else's bike share program launch, Nice Ride Minnesota, with 1,000 bikes at 80 kiosks:

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