Minnesotans fear socialism, love income redistribution

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Photo: Laura K. Gibbs
We seem a little confused
Almost half of Minnesotans in a new MPR poll -- let's call them the Bachmann Block -- say they think president Barack Obama is steering the country toward socialism. Most of them don't trust the government. And most of them think it has too much power.

(Sound of cheers from right field.)

But most Minnesotans in the poll also said the federal government's taxpayer-funded bailout and stimulus of the U.S. economy has made ilife better, not worse. Most approve of Obama's job performance. And the Tea Party? Nothing but a fringe group.

(Sound of cheers from left field.)

It's a little confusing as to why the Humphrey Institute's Larry Jacobs would call this a "political volcano," but he's got a PhD, so we'll cut him some slack.

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