Rasmussen poll has Emmer, Kelliher, Dayton, Entenza tied up

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Via Rasmussen Reports
Check out the number of undecideds before drawing any conclusions
Here's what Minnesota Republicans have after endorsing Tom Emmer for governor, barnstorming the state in a unity tour, and trying hard to co-opt the teabaggers: A tie.

Rasmussen, the most GOP-friendly of national polling outfits, shows Emmer with a sliver-thin 2 percentage point lead in match-ups against DFLers Margaret Anderson Kelliher or Mark Dayton, and 3 percentage point lead against Matt Entenza, in a survey where 16-17 percent of the respondents have no idea who they'd vote for, and the margin of error was plus or minus 4.5 percentage points. (IPer Tom Horner was a distant also-ran.)

That's a "toss up," as far as Rasmussen's concerned.

That's an Emmer lead in the Republican spin machine.

Inquiring minds now want to know whether Entenza can shake things up with the drama around the possibility of naming Twin Cities TV news anchor Robyne Robinson as his running mate.

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