Sleepy Monster trucker Beant Singh Gill charged after bomb false alarm

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Photo: jontintinjordan
The cops say Beant Singh Gill was sleepy. Maybe he should have cracked a Monster
Remember Beant Singh Gill, the sleepy Canadian trucker we told you about last week who brought down a full-fledged Hurt Locker scene in rural Wisconsin? He's been charged in a Monroe County court with a laundry list of offenses including first-degree reckless endangerment and fleeing an officer.

The 44-year-old driver and his rig were chased from Tomah to west of Sparta by Wisconsin state troopers on Thursday, and only came to a stop after the police put tire spikes in his way. A bomb-sniffing dog hit on the rig, and the Madison bomb squad pulled out the stops to see if the man, a Punjabi Indian who didn't speak English, was carrying explosives.

All the police found in the back of his truck was a load of Monster energy drinks. Gill said he was lost.

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