Republicans edge Democrats by 1% in MN poll

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The elephant in the room
The headline on the Smart Politics/Humphrey Institute post will likely put a smile on the face of folks at the Republican Party of Minnesota: "Republicans Outnumber Democrats in Minnesota for First Time Since 2005."

Big deal?

Eric Ostermeier looked at 68 polls conducted by a single firm, SurveyUSA. In the latest of those, on May 3-5, people who call themselves Republicans outnumbered Democrats by 1 percentage point, 36-35 percent.

The last time that happened was in October 2005. In between, in the other 66 polls, Democrats held the edge.

There's a recent interesting trend, though. That 36 percent percent of people who called themselves Republican is up from 23 percent in early March.

Ostermeir also found that, since 2005, self-identified Independent Party voters have gradually been on the decline.

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