St. Paul dead last in mommy-friendly survey

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OK, this is hardly a scientific survey. But still, St. Paul just got ranked dead last in The Daily Beast's pre-Mother's Day survey of mommy-friendly U.S. cities.

Based on what? Mothers-per-capita according to U.S. Census Bureau data; educational quality as scored by; the number of child-care workers per child 5 years old and under based on 2008 data from Bureau of Labor Statistics; and the availability of maternity specialists according to

The results:

  • St. Paul moms-per-capita: 161 out of 200
  • Child care: 181 out of 200
  • Schools: 4 out of 10
  • Maternity care: 200 out of 200
  • Pampering: 123 out of 200
  • Overall St. Paul score: 200 out of 200

And Minneapolitans better not open a can of snark on their Twin City neighbors across the river: Minneapolis was ranked No. 179.

Not the bottom of the barrel, but you can see it from there.

The best city on the list? Boise, Idaho. Seriously.

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