Target Field hawk eats moth, crowd goes wild [VIDEO]

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Is this Major League Baseball
This hawk passed up the Twins Big Dog in favor of a Twins Big Moth.
or the Animal Channel?

One of the unexpected surprises of the Twins' new outdoor digs at Target Field has been the spontaneous adoption of a new mascot: An American Kestrel that loves to perch on the right foul pole and catch snacks in the stadium lights.

During the otherwise lackluster game against the Orioles yesterday, the Kestrel provided a welcome distraction for fans as well as announcers as they watched the bird catch and consume a giant moth.

Not only did the Kestrel shag the moth out of the lights, he proceeded to graphically dismember it, consuming its meaty parts and shucking the wings like peanut shells.

Here's a fan video. When it nabs a moth at 00:35 seconds in, you can hear the crowd goes wild!


The carnage was so grotesque, it even made this MLB highlight reel:


We are informed via Ask the Birds that the hawk is an American Kestrel, AKA the Sparrow Hawk:

I love Minnesota Twins baseball, and I love watching birds. Well, last night the two came together and I enjoyed both at the same time. From time to time throughout the game, the Twins' announcers, Dick Bremer and Bert Blyleven, commented about an American Kestrel that was perched on the right field foul pole. The camera operators showed the bird to the TV audience several times. Finally, late in the game we saw the kestrel actually catch a moth in mid-air and then eat it while perched on the foul pole. The Twins lost 2-0, so that little falcon was really the star of the game! I am planning a trek to Target Field later this summer. I sure hope I get to see that kestrel!

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