Suspected Uptown brothel busted above Dunn Bros.

Categories: Sex
Photo by Mr. T in DC
After police received complaints about Diamond Therapeutic Massage on Hennepin Avenue and W. 34th St., police went into the Dunn Brothers coffee shop on the first level of the building to get some information.

When the undercover cops asked the barista about what goes on above their shop, she casually listed an IT business, apartments, and a brothel.

How did she know? Apparently "strange" men came by throughout the day. A sure sign of a brothel.

So a police officer posed as a customer and visited the massage parlor. First time he got a massage. The second time he was offered a happy ending for $80. Bam.

Police collected a number of items at the business last month. Our favorite piece of evidence: Two red light bulbs. So busted!

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