Wisconsin parolees impersonate dead soldiers to cash checks

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Honoring the war dead shouldn't include check forgery
One suspects that when American troops die in battle to protect truth, justice and the American way, they don't include check fraud as a value worth fighting for.

Not that that bothered three Wisconsin parolees caught trying to cash checks while passing themselves off as soldiers killed in Iraq.

Then again, this is Wisconsin, where Army Spc. Jordan Olson recently tried to pass himself off as a war hero in a parade with medals he never actually received.

The Oneida County Sheriff's Department says 46-year-old Bobby McLeod of Green Bay, 25-year-old James Larson of Green Bay and 25-year-old Tina Mitchem of Milwaukee were arrested last week on parole violations.

Sounds like they were running a traveling check forgery operation. In their car, the cops found computers, software and a printer used to make the checks, some of which were passed at a local Walgreens.

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