Al Franken doodles as Elena Kagan testifies

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franken kagan statement.jpg
Screen grab via YouTube
Franken took some interesting notes as Elena Kagan testified
He's a cut up, a brawler and a napper. And it turns out Sen. Al Franken is also a pretty good doodler.

Waiting his turn to question Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday, Minnesota's junior senator passed the time by sketching his colleagues on United States Senate note paper and showing his handy-work to the AP.

Check out his take on Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama.

No word yet on how our senior senator, Amy Klobuchar, is managing to stay awake during the snooze fest. But if she doodles or dozes off, we'll let you know.

Meanwhile, here are the opening statements from Klobuchar and Franken. Klobuchar first:

And here's Franken:

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