Republican Barb Davis White registers DFL to challenge Keith Ellison

barb davis white facebook.jpg
Image via Facebook
DFLer Keith Ellison has a surprise primary challenger
You might think that Republican Barb Davis White would have taken the hint in 2008, when DFLer Keith Ellison drubbed her in the 5th District congressional race by 48 percentage points, that her right-wing routine wasn't playing well among CD5 voters.

But you would be wrong. Two years later she's back. Not with the Republicans -- the GOP endorsed pastor Joel Demos. And not with the Independence Party -- she registeed IP in March but the party didn't endorse anyone in CD5.

No, Davis, the belle of the Tea Party ball, has now registered as a Democrat so she can keep "working hard to unseat the left-wing liberals" and "socialist Democrats" by running against Ellison in the August primary. Makes perfect sense. Here, we'll let her explain in this video:

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