Calvin Jennings pleads guilty in U of M peeping case

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Jennings was busted peeping in the same apartment twice.
If you live near the University of Minnesota, it might be time to upgrade those curtains.

Calvin Jennings, a 33-year-old Coon Rapids man, has pleaded guilty to first-degree burglary and interference with privacy charges stemming from a February incident at an apartment complex in Stadium Village.

Records show Jennings has been arrested for peeping-related crimes more than 20 times -- many of these have been near the U of M.

On Feb. 16, a man sitting in his truck spotted Jennings trying to break into his first-floor apartment in Stadium Village. The man revved up his engine, scaring Jennings away.

Police showed up and Scooby Doo-style followed tracks in the snow leading to a nearby Arby's, where they found a man matching the suspect's description.

Jennings quickly told police that he fled from the apartment complex, but explained he was simply trying to find a good place to urinate.

A look at Jennings's criminal history suggested otherwise, particularly in that Jennings had been arrested on suspicion of peeping at the same apartment complex 11 years before.

Jennings admitted to the crimes in court yesterday. A sentencing date has not yet been set.

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