3 in Wisconsin charged with using dead soldiers' IDs in check fraud

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Three American soldiers died defending their country, and three Wisconsin fraudsters stole their identities
Three Wisconsin soldiers -- Rachel Bosveld, of Waupun; Matthew Schram, of Brookfield; and Andrew Halverson, of Grant -- all died during combat in the Iraq war.

Their thanks? Three losers impersonated them in order to pass bogus checks.

We told you about this rolling fraud crew last week. Bobby McLeod, 46, and James Larson, 25, both of Green Bay, and Tina Mitchem, 25, of Milwaukee, were riding in McLeod's car on May 20 in Lake Tomahawk when cops pulled him over held him on a parole violation.

When they searched his car, the cops found computers, software and a printer used to make the checks, some of which were passed at a local Walgreens.

Yesterday the three were charged with forgery and other felonies in Oneida County Circuit Court. Bond was set at $5,000.

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