Edwin Daniel's brutal Super America beating caught on tape

Categories: Crime

On an early morning in late May, Edwin Daniel stopped at a Super America in St. Paul to find a group of men harassing the female clerks. As an overnight driver for a nearby hotel, Daniel is a frequent customer at that particular gas station and didn't appreciate the scene. So Daniel did something about and escorted the men outside.

A few days later, he stopped back at the gas station for a routine fueling. Surveillance photos released by the St. Paul Police Department show what awaited him: A beat down. And St. Paul police have released pictures from the confrontation.


Daniel recognized some of the men as those he had told off only a few days earlier. But this time they were armed with metal baseball bats.


Without saying hardly a word, they began brutally beating Daniel with the bats, presumably in act of retaliation from their altercation a few nights before.


The beating was so severe, that Daniel suffered a skull fracture, smashed vocal chords, a black eye and plenty of stitches. Long-term damage is still being assessed.

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