Illiterate Joe Nathan Michael arrested in Fridley bank robbery

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Bank robber or ESL candidate?
Poor Joe Nathan Michael.

According to police, the 47-year-old man showed up recently at the TCF Bank outlet in Cub Foods on 57th Avenue N.E. in Fridley, passed a note to the tellers demanding cash.

He got $1,991 in cash. He got caught. And he got humiliated.

In fact, he's really lucky the tellers didn't bust a gut laughing at him. Michael, it seems, is somewhat linguistically challenged. His note read:

"Give money, I gun."

The alleged crook was nabbed not long afterward, according to Sun Newspapers.

Fridley Police officers saw Michael standing near a bus stop at 57th and University avenues. His clothing matched the description of those worn by the robber. When officers apprehended and subdued him, money fell from his jacket pockets.

He's been indicted on one count of bank robbery. It sounds like he escaped charges for mangling the English language.

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