Jared Allen named Sports Illustrated MV Impact Player

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Give this man an award
What say you, Vikings fans?

Should there be a "new individual honor in the NFL. We're calling it the MV non-QB P -- the most valuable player who doesn't play quarterback."

That's what Kerry J. Byrne is saying at Sports Illustrated. And if such an award actually existed, Jared Allen's his man.

"The high-motor defensive end currently plying his trade with the Minnesota Favrkings, a team that was so much more than just its over-exposed quarterback last year."

How flattering. But does he have to bring up that darned last-minute debacle against the Saints last year?

The Vikings, meanwhile, were just 8-8 back in the pre-Allen season of 2007. They've won the NFC North each of the past two years with Allen in the lineup, and were one Favre mistake away from playing in the Super Bowl last season.

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