Klutz with machete Christopher Lee Stensgard charged in Walgreen's heist

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walgreens machete.jpg
The heist started impressively, but didn't end that way
That machete in accused robber Christopher Lee Stensgard's right hand looked pretty badass as he jumped the pharmacy counter of the Walgreen's on White Bear Avenue in St. Paul on June 23.

Police say he scared the bejesus out of the staff has he rounded up as much OxyContin as he could and then tried to make a run for it. Too bad he fumbled his leap-the-counter-to-escape gambit. And the whole sorry episode was caught by a security camera.

Stensgard, 23, was arrested after cops traced him to his sister's home in Oakdale where they found the sweathshirt he's seen wearing in the video.

The PiPress says he confessed to his girlfriend, as well as his sister:

Tiffany Stensgard quoted her brother as telling her, "I screwed up ... I screwed up real bad." He told her he threw the stolen narcotics in a lake. She urged him to turn himself in.

He's being held in the Ramsey County Jail on $35,000 bail.

The PiPress has the video, from which these two screen grabs were procured

walgreens machete.jpg

stumble walgreens.jpg

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