Lee Alexander Solarski blames tarantula for hit-and-run

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Photo: furryscalyman
Backseat driver
Lee Alexander Solarski says a tarantula caused him to clobber a pickup truck with his 1998 Dodge Stratus, and then smack into a mailbox.

Also, the dog ate his homework.

Fargo cops caught up with Solarski Monday after the hit-and-run thanks to a law abiding citizen who took note of Solarski's license plate number as he fled the scene, Sgt. Mark Lykken told InForum.

Solarski pinned the rap on the bug, which he said belonged to a passenger riding with him in the car.

But no tarantula was found in the car. It's not even clear Solarski was actually bitten.

The local cops are familiar with Solarski's stories. He spent a year behind bars for his role in a December 2004 ax murder, two drunken driving charges against the guy are pending Clay County District Court, and he recently pleaded guilty to two felony drug charges.

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