Shawn Godfrey, Plymouth daycare employee, charged with child porn

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Shawn Godfrey is on the hook for 10 counts of child porn-related charges.
Shawn Godfrey, a 26-year-old daycare worker from Plymouth, was charged with 10 counts of possession and distribution of child pornography earlier this week after an investigation led police to more than 170 videos hoarded on Godfrey's computer and in his house.

Minneapolis police picked up Godfrey's trail last fall after finding child porn being shared peer-to-peer from a computer somewhere in the state, according to the criminal complaint.

Police followed the computer's IP address to Godfrey's home in Plymouth.

When police told Godfrey he was under investigation for distributing child porn, he responded: "I didn't want anyone to know about this!" according to police.

Interesting choice of words for the people there to bust you.

He went on to say they would find "a lot" of the stuff on his computer. They did. "A lot" translates to 171 videos and 7,620 photos in total on disks and the computer.

Godfrey works at the Hennepin Technical College daycare and, from the sounds of the complaint, volunteers with kids elsewhere:

"While in the Defendant's bedroom, officers found job applications and ads for numerous day-care facilities and nanny positions; photos of a Boy Scout troop; and a name tag that displayed the Defendant's name and the words 'Troop Leader.'"

Godfrey was charged earlier this week, according to Fox 9. He's currently in jail with bail set at $150,000.

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